So there is this guy that is just sooooooo attractive. I tell my roommate about him all the time. He’s just so cute.
I remember fall quarter my first year, he would kind of flirt with me. And he was really nice. And I kind of liked him a little. But then for some reason we didn’t see each other. For a long time. Until we started seeing each other a little this year.
I saw him yesterday while I was with my roommate. “Is that the guy?” Yeah it is. “He IS cute.” He came back to sit with us. I noticed he was kind of more interested in talking to my roommate. I just assumed it was because he was just meeting her.
But then he texted me a few hours later telling me he thought my roommate was really cute and wanted to somehow run into her again.
And then my happy little fuzzies from seeing him today flew away.
And of course I’m going to step out of the way. I lost my chance. I’m stupid. Whatever.
I’m just kind of sad that the little fantasy that was always in the back of my mind with him and me will never happen.

You taught me how to hate everything and everyone.Unintentionally, that included hating you too.

hung out with my friend Nikhil today.

he is seriously the most amazing person ever, every time I come home I ask myself, “why don’t I spend more time with him?” like he’s such a great friend and he’s so accepting and kind and unjudging like, I don’t know, I’m just really glad he exists :) and I love his mom because she’s really awesome too and cooks amazing food hahaha. and that’s basically what I did today. ate lunch at his house, roamed one brea plaza for like two hours, he dropped me home…then came back a few minutes later to invite me for dinner and I just hung out at his house until 11 and now I feel all satisfied and at peace so it’s great :)

My orthodontist put another dumb ugly button on my tooth to try to get my front teeth straight and I have to wear my retainers 24/7 again and I just think it’s kinda dumb because she’s like “if this doesn’t work, you’ll have to get braces again” and I fricken told her my front teeth weren’t straight before I got them off and she looked at me and said she didn’t see it…there’s no way I could afford braces again :/
So I’m def gonna wear these 24/7 even though it hurts like a little jackhammer constantly chipping away at one tooth because I want this to work and if I believe I can achieve :)

#selfiesaturday because I liked my bed head yesterday :) #iphonefrontcamerassuck

You have a wonderful laugh.
I wish I could hear it right now.
It reaches out and pets your head like,
“You’re funny. I like you.”
And makes you feel like you belong
When no one else does.


my favourite thing ever

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Jimmy’s wearing Shaq’s jacket and it might be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. 

Jimmy Fallon is super adorable haha

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withvivacity said: omg i do this sometimes on accident with my friends! she’s just excited bc that was the probably only action she’s been getting in a while pFFF

HAHA I didn’t think about it that way!! you’re probably right xD