Having macarons with Vivian for the first time right now :)

Even though you can be so cold, something about the way you talk to me makes me feel so calm. I don’t know how you do it.

i need to stop imagining scenarios in my head that have a -2% chance of actually happening it’s becoming a problem

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just because I’m friends with you on facebook doesn’t mean it’s okay to message me EVERYDAY. I mean if you had something to say that would be cool. but I’ll still be “fine, just kinda tired” tomorrow too -_____-



We’re saddened by the passing of our friend Maya Angelou. Thank you for all you’ve done, and for all the hugs.

So many lovely tributes to Dr. Angelou today, but this is the one that made me tear up.

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I’m sick of the tension, sick of the hunger,
sick of you acting like I owe you this.
Find another place to feed your greed,
while I find a place to rest.

Linkin Park

I don’t understand how people can so easily drop so much money on clothes. No matter how much I make or what job I have or whoever’s money I’m spending I still think I would resist :P

conversation between one of my roommates and her friend

  • roommate: I hope this key works, otherwise we'll have to wake Priya up from her beauty sleep to open the door...
  • friend: Priya doesn't even need beauty sleep!!
  • me (after hearing about this from my roommate): :):):):)

I have an interview today at 11 am and I’m so excited for the opportunity but so nervous. Wish me luck! :) and send me practice interview questions!

I’ve had my tumblr for about 4 years and I finally have 1993 posts hehehe